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We're Retiring!

We’re turning off the stills and going to retire soon so get some of our whiskey while it’s still available. We want to thank you for all of your support and we’re looking forward to raising a final toast with you soon!

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Who We Are

Copper Still Distillery
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Founded in Lake Havasu City Arizona, you can see our ties to the city and the state in everything we do. Our logo design features a rendering of the famous London Bridge and our state flag is proudly displayed under the bridge. Our products are inspired by the time we spend on the lake with our friends and family. Our story began on the lake where our founders met during a day of boating with mutual friends. After the day was over, the group went back to a friend’s home and this is when it all began.
Andy, our head distiller, brought over some of his Root Beer Moonshine to share with the group. Roy, our chief pencil pusher, had never tasted moonshine that was so smooth and had such a great taste. Like many others, he expected it to taste like boat gas and never expected to enjoy the shot! Well, several shots later Andy and Roy were talking about taking Andy’s hobby to a commercial distillery where patrons could come and enjoy Andy’s flavored moonshines. The two agreed to meet in the morning to put together a business plan to help Andy transition his love for making quality liquor into an actual business.
The next morning the two worked together for a few hours and Copper Still Distillery was born. Andy quickly realized that he had a passion for making quality small batch liquor but had no desire to run a business alone without someone to take care of the paperwork and red tape. Roy’s past business experience made for a perfect partnership where Andy is free to create quality liquor and Roy insures that the paperwork is completed. We do things the old fashion way and never compromise quality for quantity.
Our chief mixologist Carri, and Andy’s better half, creates extraordinary mixed drinks from our Moonshines, Vodkas, and Whisky’s. Sip it straight to enjoy the pure unfiltered corn whiskey and then try one of the many cocktails that Carri has created (and continues to create daily). Our Vodka is made the old fashion way with potatoes and is Gluten Free, so we have something for everyone. Whether you visit our distillery or take home a bottle, our products are sure to inspire conversation and a good time!

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Dutch Apple Pie Whiskey

This is the kind of spirit that transports you next to a warm fire, with the smell of cinnamon and cloves wafting from the kitchen. this happiness comes from the very first sip. Get your hands on a slice of Dutch Apple Pie Whiskey today!

Recipe to try at home: 

1 ½ oz Dutch Apple Pie Whiskey

Cranberry Juice

Splash of Apple Cider

Shake in a shaker, pour over fresh ice, garnish with dehydrated apple slice.

Pecan Whisky

This pecan flavored whisky will have you thinkin' you reached for a handful of southern goodness. The blend of corn and cane with the sweet flavors of pecans will make you ask for a double! Enjoy our NEW to market Pecan Flavored Whisky!

Recipe to try at home: 

2 oz Pecan Whiskey

3 Dashes of Bitters

3/4 oz Monin Salted Caramel Syrup

Stir with ice, pour over large ice cube, garnish with a bourbon cherry.

pecan whisky.jpeg

Hava Shine

This clear corn whisky is our signature base to all of our flavors. The blend of corn and cane is what gives this corn liquor a smooth finish instead of the bite you would expect from 100 proof unfiltered whisky! This shine has a nice corn signature flavor. Enjoy the warming sensation as it travels from the first breath to the last sip.

Recipe to try at home: 

1 ½ oz Hava Shine, 3 drops of Bitters, Ice,

Stoli Ginger Beer,

garnish with Mint & Lime wedge.

Root Beer Whisky

The flavor that started Copper Still Distillery. Reach back to those childhood memories of root beer barrel candies or those classic root beer sodas. Now bottle those images up with a smooth corn whisky and you know you’re in for one heck of a root beer float! The flavors mix so well that you would think you’re only drinking root beer.


Recipe for you to try at home: 

1 ½ oz Root Beer Whisky, Ice, A&W Root Beer, topped with a thin layer of whip cream and garnished with a cherry.

Peanut Butter Whisky

Cut from our clear corn liquor. The nose will take you back to your childhood days of peanut butter sandwiches. This spirit is lifted with its caramel color and hits you head on with a creamy buttery taste.

Recipe for you to try at home: 

2 oz Peanut Butter Whisky, 1 ½ oz Hershey Chocolate, 1 ½ oz Cream (1/2 & ½), shake in shaker, Drizzle a thin layer of Torani Chocolate sauce in Martini Glass, pour, top with drizzle of Chocolate sauce & Reese's Peanut Butter cup.

Chocolate Whisky

Our chocolate comes from the chocolate lover’s paradise of the Dominican Republic. We infuse our corn whisky with the purest of chocolate nibs to enrich your favorite cocktails. The pallet is hit with a full body whisky front and a rich dark chocolate finish, leaving you thinking about your favorite chocolate bar.


Recipe for you to try at home: 

1 ¾ oz Chocolate Whisky, 1 oz Crème de’ Menthe, 1 oz Hershey Choc, 1 ½ oz Cream, Shake in shaker, drizzle Martini glass with Torani Chocolate sauce, pour into glass, top with Whip Cream (inside rim only) drizzle Chocolate Sauce across top of whip cream, garnish with mint and peppermint patty.


Cherry Whisky

Our famous cherry infused whisky! The bold red color comes from the maraschino cherries soaking in the corn whisky. The sweet flavor from the cherries mingles with the corn whisky guaranteeing a pure shot with no bite. We leave the cherries to float so that you can enjoy every ounce of this "Cherry Bomb".


Recipe for you to try at home: 

1 ½ oz of Cherry Whisky, Ice, Coke,

top with 2 cherries

Peach Whisky

Just bottling up a little bit of the south in one perfectly infused peach whisky. This stone fruit is the perfect pairing to our signature corn whisky. The blend of corn and peach will take you to warm summer nights. It is rich in color, velvety in taste and perfect poured over ice. Welcome to the family you sun of a peach.

Recipe for you to try at home: 

1 ½ oz Peach Whisky, 5 drops of Bitters,

½ oz Lemon Juice, ½ oz REAL Peach Puree, Ice, Fresh Ice Tea, stir.

Garnish with Mint & Lime Wedge.


Lemonade Whisky

Reach high for the lemons, blend it with some sugar and corn and you have one hard lemonade. The front has a pure whisky taste which pulls nicely to a sweet lemon flavor without the burn, allowing the spiked lemonade to roll down smoothly.


Recipe for you to try at home: 

2oz Lemon Whisky, 3 oz Simply Lemonade, sugar rimmed Martini Glass, Shake in Shaker, garnish with a twist of lemon.

Havasu Vodka

Our vodka is pure potato distilled over 50 times to provide a full-bodied earthy feel with no bitter back taste. It is the perfection addition to your favorite mixers and any iconic cocktails.  


Recipe for you to try at home: 

1 ½ oz of Havasu Vodka, Ice,

equal parts of OJ & Pineapple Juice,

Splash of Cranberry,

garnish with Orange slice,

Pineapple & Cherry.


Jalapeno Vodka

Handpicked fresh jalapeños infused with our award-winning vodka creates a spicy warmth with a crisp finish. It is the perfect kick to add to your favorite Bloody Mary or Margarita mix. Heat it up!

Recipe for you to try at home: 

1 ½ oz Jalapeño Vodka, ½ oz of Agave, 1 oz Sweet & Sour, ½ oz OJ, 1 ½ oz Sprite, salt rim, garnish with Lime, 2-3 slices of Jalapeños.

Cucumber Vodka

This vodka takes you right to the spa. The infusion of cucumbers with our pure potato
vodka hits you with a sweet earthiness that is sure to be refreshing and uplifting. Notes
of the expected vegetation smells brings out the creamy texture.

Recipe for you to try at home: 

2 ½ oz Cucumber Vodka, 1 oz Triple Sec,

2 lime wedges squeezed,

shake in shaker, pour into Martini Glass,

garnish with Lime wedge & Cucumber.




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