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Bringing you the best Shine, Vodka, and

Whisky Cocktails!


Andy Andersen, Head Distiller

I love what I do, to be able to take something that I learned self taught in a garage and make my hobby into a reality is just mind blowing! The thought of people coming into my business to purchase bottles to go because they enjoy my hand crafted spirits is just awesome. I am a humble man but I do have to say when I get to go out and about and into bars, restaurants,  and now grocery stores, I get a bit getty if you will. It excites me that public enjoy or love what I do in the distillery. I hope with the new flavors that will come, Copper Still Distillery will just keep growing and get our name out nation wide! I appreciate all the hard work that our beautiful mixologists do! They are the front of my business... I say many times over, I make the liquor,  those girls make it taste good!!! I want to thank the man that has believed in me from day 1. Edward Corn... I have known Edward for a few years prior to my wanting to go legit. Once I found out his last name.... it was a given that we had to be partners and get this business going!! I hope you all enjoy what we have to offer at Copper Still Distillery. Hold on to your hats, we have only begun!! 



Carri Andersen, Lead Bartender

My Favorite Drinks to make are our Martinis. Each drink is very unique, different ingredients, swirls of sauces and syrups line the glasses and with the garnishes that top the rim of the glass off.​


It makes me happy that our customers can't believe the taste of the cocktails, whether it be moonshine or vodka. 


​I LOVE my job!

Leslie Roberts, Bartender

My favorite drink to make is the CSD Bloody Mary. It's a beautifully colorful cocktail made with the freshest ingredients. Our guests just love it!  


Working at CSD is the most fun I've had as a bartender. I get to make one-of-a-kind craft recipes and provide our guests with a truly unique cocktail experience.

Sheena, Bartender

Being a part of the creations and building of our incredible handcrafted menu, my favorite cocktails to make are the Coop, and the Banana Cream Pie.  


Working side by side with family has been the highlight of working at Copper Still, creating lifelong friendships and memories to last a lifetime. Come join the family and try our one-of-a-kind cocktails from our amazing mixologists!​

Kahni, Bartender

My favorite drinks to make are a tie between the Mom's Brew and our famous Old Fashions. I love the fact that all of our cocktails are handcrafted and that we have the best customers!


I enjoy coming to work with the most amazing team of people! Come see your Packer Girl, George!

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